Becoming a Board Member

The Board of Physical Therapy was established by way of Section 1. Title 3 Virgin Islands Code, Section 415(b)6. The parameters of the board and its members as established by the VI Code is detailed below. 

(A) The Board of Physical Therapy shall consists of five members, all of whom must reside in the Virgin Islands and have been practicing in the Virgin Islands for no less than three years prior to their appointments. Two members must reside in the district of St. Croix, two members must reside in the district of St. Thomas and St. John, and at least one member must represent the public and must not be in the medical profession or have a conflict of interest. Two of the members, one of whom may be a physical therapist assistant, must be elected by a majority vote of all licensed and practicing physical therapists and physical therapist assistants residing in the Territory, and the other three members must be nominated as provided in this section.

(B) The governor shall appoint one member from each district and the public member.

(C) All nominees must be appointed only with the advice and consent of the Legislature.

The board currently has two open positions:

  • Governor Appointed Public Member (Any District)
  • Governor Appointed STX Physical therapist

Persons interested in applying to be a part of The Board of Physical Therapy may fill out an application and submit to the board via mail in a sealed envelope.