The Virgin Islands Board of Physical Therapy is charged
with regulating the practice of physical therapy in the
Virgin Islands through licensure, practice requirements and
prohibitions, and disciplinary actions.

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Welcome to the VI Board
of Physical Therapy

Welcome to the website of the United States Virgin Islands Board of Physical Therapy, a territorial regulatory organization charged with protecting the public’s health and safety through physical therapy practice regulations. The Board is established and empowered through the Virgin Islands Code to govern all aspects of physical therapy and physical therapy assistant license issuance, revocation, and reinstatement.

The Board of Physical Therapy certifies that all applicants meet the minimum standards and requirements for physical therapist and physical therapy assistant licenses to practice safely in the territory. The Board also investigates and reviews complaints against practitioners and pursues disciplinary action when appropriate. The most important function of the Board is to protect the citizens of the Virgin Islands.

Board Members

Erin Gauthier, PT, DPT
Jerry Smith, PT, DPT
Bryan Pittman, PT, DPT